Saturday, December 27, 2008

If a live action movie of LaMB was to be produced, who would you like to see play the starring roles of Eve and Jack and why?

Jack is a scientist who specializes in hortcourture engineering, which is a combination of the fields horticulture and haute couture. I don’t even know what that means but it must be advanced botany or something. Jack's main role is to rejuvenate and restore vegetation to the dusty, red planet Cerra. And yes, we almost forgot that there is a twist to this character. Jack's wife died, making him an eligible bachelor.

So this guy must be Einstein-intelligent, super rich because of his V.I.P. class job, and maybe he’s the loner type because of his tragedy. And Jack's role is to save the planet Cerra. What comes into my mind is none other than Keanu Reeves; for the reason that he did such a great job starring in “The Matrix".

Let’s compare:
Jack is a scientist. Neo is a computer programmer. For some guys out there that don’t know what a computer programmer does, they are the people who created your web browsers, your mobile phone interface, your personal computer interface, and a whole lot more. To cut it short, everything you use in electronic devices, computer programmers made them.

Jack has class and style. Neo is one of the coolest characters I’ve seen. Those guys from “The Matrix” redefined the use of shades and black leather/rubber trench coats.

Jack's main role is to save Cerra.
Neo did a kick ass job saving our planet.

Moving on, Major Sara Integra
worked in the Bio-Weapons division, meaning she is very intelligent and has something in common with our dear old friend Neo, err, I mean Jack. Sara became Eve after a fatal mistake in one of her missions. When she became a LaMB, Jack was assigned to be her shepherd. And the twist for this character is that Jack falls in love with Eve.

Eve must be a tough woman since she worked for the military. She also displays adequate intellect because of her position. No idiot would get the chance to even touch biological weapons, right? She must also have a body of a super model and a face that can make heads turn. Fact is, Jack fell for his LaMB and Eve's personality is definitely not the reason for this; unless Jack has a secret admiration for mannequins, which would make his character veeerry freaky. For the character of Eve, I would choose Halle Berry. Based on her average blockbuster films, she is like a 99% Eve; both in looks and in character.

Let’s compare:
For the sake of association, let’s take her role in “Catwoman

Sara works for the military. In the trailer of “Catwoman”, Patience Philips was climbing on walls, leaping from pillar to pillar, dodging bullets and kicking behinds, need I say more?

Sara worked in the Bio-Weapons division. Catwoman, she’s like a super hero.
Both roles require critical thinking.

Eve is super sexy and has stunning beauty.

Catwoman, like duh! This character is screaming sexy!

LaMB starred by Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry. Now that would be the day the earth stood still.


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If you had to choose a theme song for LaMB, which song would you choose, which band would you have perform it and why?

I’ve probably seen several sci-fi movies after this song came out, and I was expecting at least one of them will feature this or at any rate place it on the show. But to my surprise, the single never went that far. I’m talking about “Intergalactic” by “Beastie Boys”. This one’s a classic. “Intergalactic” was released around mid July 1998. The song rose up the ranks, up to the top 40’s and it even received a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group in 1999.

That song was so fun to listen to. I swear it made me dance and sing a little every time I heard it. Nothing can be better for LaMB than this because it has the sci-fi essence, the beat and the way they rap is very catchy, and it’s related to space travel, life on other planets and technological advances in some way. Fact is, this hit was recognized worldwide and that means a lot. Unfortunately, we need something more up to date. The way I see it, Beastie Boys did a close to perfect job with “Intergalactic” and reviving the song will not make the same impact that it did before. That’s just showbiz.

Next to “Queens of the Stone Age”, “Green Day”, “Red Hot Cili Peppers”,Aerosmith”, "Linkin Park" and "Limp Bizkit" which are my favorite bands, "Simple Plan" which is already featured in Animax, is my most wanted these days. I can never forget “Me Against The World”, “Promise”, and “Thank You”, they always kept me going while I was still studying before. I like listening to music while doing my things and these songs really rock! Like they say in local bakeries, “Grab’em while their hot” and for the past few weeks, "Simple Plan" is smokin’! The Songs “What if”, “End”, “Take my hand”, and “I can wait forever” from their new album “Simple Plan”, is reason enough why this band is #1 today.

If there was only a way for time travel and altering history, then we would probably have the perfect theme song and band for LaMB. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite groups have great hits except we are looking for something “LaMBish” and these guys don’t have the right stuff. Another great song for LaMB would be “Around the World” by “Daft Punk”. You see, there are a lot of cool songs that LaMB would be crazy not to make them as their theme song. But just like “Around the World” they've already been branded as classics. Probably the bands these days just don’t concentrate in making cool music that are techie, or galactic-space whatever.

Setting aside the sci-fi matters, LaMB is also about a love story. If we focus on the Male-Female interrelationship then a great theme song for LaMB would be “Dangerous” by “Kardinal Offishall”. Eve, a criminal on the loose, held only by the commands of her shepherd, has beauty of a goddess, can withstand extreme heat, and with immensely boosted strength. Yeah, that girl is so dangerous.


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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Choose a side. Are you for or against lamination?

I’m definitely pro lamination and I really don’t understand why anyone would think negatively about it. There are countless opportunities that come from lamination that can give hope to a brighter future. Lamination IS the future and it’s the best damn thing mankind has ever invented!

Okay! Okay, maybe I’m going a little over board. I must apologize for my behavior. And to make up for it, let’s try to prove that I’m wrong.

Pros: Longer life

Cons: Mortality rate will drop significantly, meaning we will get over populated soon

Pros: We can maximize our work force

Cons: A lot of people will loose their jobs

Pros: People who had lamination will get the opportunity to do things they could never have done without it

Cons: They will be the envy of their neighbors and maybe death will be waiting around the corner, just before they can even do anything worth being laminated

Pros: A married couple who had lamination will spend almost an eternity with each other

Cons: Gold Digger *cry*

Pros: Gold Digger realizes that there is no point pursuing the rich and the old and decides to go to college, start a career and live life the honest way

Cons: Dirty Old Man *cry*

Pros: Lamination as a beauty treatment states that whoever gets laminated will stay young and beautiful forever. So, you spend your entire life savings for this.

Cons: You realized that lamination does make you stay young, but doesn’t do much on the beautiful part.

My friends, it’s a close fight between the two sides. And even if I wanted to continue talking about it, we need to wrap this up. After discussing the effects of lamination, I had a change of mind. Lamination is not all great and perfect; there are down sides that we need to consider. I’m still pro lamination but now it’s not all the way. Let’s just say that I’m afraid of becoming the old man in our example.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you were given access to a LaMB, what tasks would you have it perform for you? You will need to refer the LaMB Rules on

Since there are LaMB Rules maybe there should be Shepherd rules. Unless they expect that everyone they assign a LaMB to will be very responsible with them. If that’s the case then I guess there would be no problem. But what if someone as mischievous as me would get hold of a LaMB? Muwhahaha! Let’s have a little fun with our LaMBs.

First things first, is it an Adam or an Eve? Any would be fine as both of them have their subjective pros and cons. But for the sake of choosing, having someone of the opposite sex is a better choice for a guy like me. I guess I would be more comfortable having an Eve beside me all the time. On the other hand if I’m going to have an Adam, people may question my sexuality and that’s definitely a no-no.

Paolo’s LaMB Tasks:

1. I want her to be an excellent cook. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a scrumptious meal.

2. I always wanted to play badminton until I will pass out of exhaustion. You can say that I have bottomless stamina and most of my friends need to stop and rest way before I feel the heat of the game. Now with my LaMB, I can play to my hearts content anytime I want.

3. After a tiring day, I want my LaMB to prepare a cocktail drink for me and while savoring it’s taste, she will continue her service by giving me a nice whole body massage.

4. When taking a bath, we all know that it’s hard to reach our back. With my LaMB I can have a personal back scrubber. And after which, she can prepare the clothes that I’m going to wear depending on what time of the day it is.

5. When I go to bed, I want my LaMB to give me a head massage. This will help me fall asleep. She will also be by my side to be ready to wake me up in the morning.

6. Who doesn’t want to be with someone beautiful and sexy? That's why I’m not going to be all selfish with my LaMB. She must always look her best. I’m going to buy her clothes and jewelries. She will also undergo cosmetic surgeries if needed.

With a LaMB, it’s like I’m on a very long relaxing vacation that I wish will never end. Well, I have tons of other ideas but for now these are the most amusing stuff I can think of.


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Sunday, December 7, 2008

LaMBs cannot speak nor do they have free will. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you couldn't speak up or express yourself?

This is a great question! But unfortunately I can’t answer this straight forward because I can’t think of a good enough personal experience that's similar to this situation. I grew up in an environment where I am liberated; I could do anything I want. But sometimes, I deprive myself of that freedom when my parents are reprimanding me. I know that they have the best intention that’s why out of respect, I usually just keep my thoughts to myself and listen to what they have to say. This is just a small circumstance compared to what I have in mind. I would like to talk about this with a bigger story.

I love studying the history of different cultures because there’s always a valuable lesson that we can use immediately or something to help us along the way in our lives. Let me give a short summary of the Philippine history.

It was 1521 when the Philippines was first visited by the Spanish people lead by Ferdinand Magellan. Little by little, the Spaniards sent more men and this resulted to the Spanish Colonization; which lasted for three centuries. It was then followed by the American Colonization. At first the Americans and Filipinos were allies and supported each other. But inadvertently some misunderstandings lead to the Philippine-American war. The Americans governed the Philippines for almost 50 years. During the American era, Japan made a surprise attack to the Philippines which completely obliterated the country’s defenses in a matter of hours. A few years later, the Americans aided the Filipinos to regain freedom and rebuilt the Philippine Republic. During all the foreign colonizations, there were probably thousands of revolutions made against them. Over a million people died at gun point and most of those who survived were the ones who just kept silent.

Back to our topic, who else could relate better on the subject than Filipinos who went through the harsh years of their oppressors? They were ripped off from their right to speak and any slight form of resistance was their last act here on earth. I’m very sure that those Filipinos would burst out in tears if they could see how their grandchildren are living these days. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but all of us now live in a free country. And we are very lucky for the fact that no one can tell us how we are supposed to be in this world. We must cherish and put our freedom into good use because millions of lives were taken just to let us have a liberated life.


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Friday, December 5, 2008

If you worked for the CABC, what policies would you implement to help preserve the environment?

Lamination is a good idea to reinforce man power efficiency. Instead of prisoners wasting all those years on nothing, CABC thought of a way to make jail life a win-win situation. In addition to using lamination on criminals, I would suggest that they should also utilize it on other people that may prove to be more of use when transformed to a LaMB. CABC already crossed the line of manipulating the lives of their prisoners so why not push it a little more? Besides, all the people on Cerra would benefit form it.

The lives of both shepherds and LaMBs can both be uplifted when the number of LaMBs increase dramatically. Maybe LaMBs can do the work of their shepherds. Just imagine, instead of the regular 8 hours a day, a LaMB could probably do 12 hours of work a day. Make that shepherd have another LaMB and that would double the number to 24 hours of work a day. Wow! Imagine what kind of progress man could achieve with this kind of life style. The more LaMBs out there, the better.

The planet Cerra itself can benefit from it. This is because the consumption of natural resources will decrease since LaMBs don’t use them. LaMBs also don’t spend their lives like regular people do. That’s why they can live without watching movies, playing games, reading or writing, singing or dancing, or just anything that can consume energy. LaMBs only breathe and follow orders of their shepherd, and that’s the reason why lamination is also a great way to preserve the environment.

So where can they get other LaMB candidates?

• Maybe those homeless people would agree that becoming a LaMB is far greater than spending the rest of their lives begging for food and sleeping under cardboards that obviously can’t give them protection against the cold lonely nights.

• Maybe CABC will develop the process of lamination so that the mentally retarded people can also be laminated.

• There are a lot of people who lost hope in their lives so maybe volunteering to become a LaMB will be an option.

• We can also consider people that are willing to do everything to make a better place for their loved ones.

There are countless possibilities where they could acquire new LaMBs. If I worked for CABC, there’s no doubt that getting more LaMBs would be my first proposal to them.


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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lamination was first invented to preserve beauty until it evolved into a form of imprisonment. Would you commit a crime to stay young and beautiful?

Committing a crime as we all know has an equivalent punishment depending on our law. Some may spend time doing community service, others get locked up in jail. But it’s a common fact that there’s a lot more going on inside there. Just thinking of spending a day in prison brings shivers down my spine.

There are a lot of movies that shows the lives of prisoners. A few months ago there was this comedy movie called “Big Stan” which was directed and starred by Rob Schneider. Schneider stated that this film will be an "anti-man raping" film.

There’s also this popular series, “Prison Break” which is starred by Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell). We can see here the very harsh prison ethics especially on season 1 and season 3.

Cerra is making prison life a sweet deal. Issues like prison rape and other violations of human rights will no longer serve as a threat to criminals. Maybe the people in Cerra are much disciplined and committing a crime is close to an accident rather than a carried out plan of a sick mind. It’s stated that the culture on Cerra is different from earth and maybe we need to watch LaMB to see how things really work there.

There are a lot of ways to become a criminal without committing a sin. Just read the laws, find the loopholes, and break the rule which you think the act of violating it is still moral. Just like in Singapore, importing chewing gum is prohibited by their law. But I really don’t think that bringing chewing gum to Singapore is any kind of sin, right? If I were in Cerra, I would stop paying my taxes or do anything within that level of crime just to get lamination; anyway, I could just pay them back when the time comes. Since it was stated on a LaMB commercial that lamination as a beauty treatment costs too much, I would like to wait for the price to drop until I can afford lamination myself. Maybe as time goes by, it's price will go down because of competitions or probably a lot of people would demand for the price to drop. In the mean time, I would preserve my youth by committing a non-sinful crime and prepare myself for a fresh start in the future.


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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The story of LaMB takes place on the planet Cerra. Do you believe that life forms exist on other planets?

Since ancient times, mankind has been studying the possibility of life originating outside of Earth. Beliefs in extraterrestrial life may have been present in India, Egypt, Arabia, China, Babylon, Assyria and Sumer. Although during those times, the notion of alien life is difficult to distinguish from that of gods, demons, and such.

Last February 2008, mankind has been updated of the possibility that life exists on other planets. Michael Meyer and Alan Stern both astronomers of NASA discovered that there are planets in our galaxy that has a similar structure to what we have here on earth.

Alan quoted “These planets are so far away from the Sun that we haven't seen them yet. Our old view, that the Solar System had nine planets will be supplanted by a view that there are hundreds if not thousands of planets in our Solar System. It could be that there are objects of Earth-mass in the Oort cloud (a band of debris surrounding our planetary system) but they would be frozen at these distances. They would look like a frozen Earth.”

Using Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope, Michael Meyer of the University of Arizona discovered that at least 20% and possibly up to 60% of stars similar to the Sun could potentially have rocky planets in orbit around them.

Where do we stand now

The possibility of life on other planets is becoming closer to reality as more facts are discovered by our hard working scientists. Someday they will figure out a way to travel to these distant planets and completely change the course of mankind. We will never know for now how those earth-like masses will affect us. Maybe there are other life forms on these planets that will serve as our companions in our journey to discover the entire universe or they were made to help mankind survive; a planet that we could call our second home.


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Monday, December 1, 2008

LaMB, the first original anime from Animax. What's it all about?

The story takes place on the planet Cerra which is 25 light years away from Earth. The main characters are Jack and Eve. Jack is a scientist who is tasked to restore life to the barren planet. He tries to forget about his wife who passed away by keeping himself busy on his work. Eve on the other hand is an ex-weapons specialist who has accidentally taken innocent lives while on a mission. She was sentenced to 200 years of virtual imprisonment and will take part of the lamination scheme.

All prisoners on Cerra go through the process of lamination in which after the procedure, they will be called "LaMBs". Once they become a LaMB they will be assigned to a "shepherd" who can almost have full control over them. LaMBs follow 16 rules and one of those rules strictly prohibits them from harming others. If the worse case happens and they attack another human being, they will receive a severe electric shock by the suit they were given. The most interesting part of lamination is that it was first designed to be a beauty treatment to prevent aging by stopping the degeneration of collagen. The government of Cerra called "Central Administration Bureau of Cerra" (CABC), found a better use for the beauty treatment and decided to exploit them on prisoners. All male prisoners were called Adam and all female prisoners were called Eve, followed by their serial number.

LaMB starts to get interesting when unintentionally Jack gets pulled into the political system of lamination and a Romance with Eve begins.


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