Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The story of LaMB takes place on the planet Cerra. Do you believe that life forms exist on other planets?

Since ancient times, mankind has been studying the possibility of life originating outside of Earth. Beliefs in extraterrestrial life may have been present in India, Egypt, Arabia, China, Babylon, Assyria and Sumer. Although during those times, the notion of alien life is difficult to distinguish from that of gods, demons, and such.

Last February 2008, mankind has been updated of the possibility that life exists on other planets. Michael Meyer and Alan Stern both astronomers of NASA discovered that there are planets in our galaxy that has a similar structure to what we have here on earth.

Alan quoted “These planets are so far away from the Sun that we haven't seen them yet. Our old view, that the Solar System had nine planets will be supplanted by a view that there are hundreds if not thousands of planets in our Solar System. It could be that there are objects of Earth-mass in the Oort cloud (a band of debris surrounding our planetary system) but they would be frozen at these distances. They would look like a frozen Earth.”

Using Nasa's Spitzer Space Telescope, Michael Meyer of the University of Arizona discovered that at least 20% and possibly up to 60% of stars similar to the Sun could potentially have rocky planets in orbit around them.

Where do we stand now

The possibility of life on other planets is becoming closer to reality as more facts are discovered by our hard working scientists. Someday they will figure out a way to travel to these distant planets and completely change the course of mankind. We will never know for now how those earth-like masses will affect us. Maybe there are other life forms on these planets that will serve as our companions in our journey to discover the entire universe or they were made to help mankind survive; a planet that we could call our second home.



  1. I think that life forms does exist in other planets. There is a similar earth in another universe. Probably we have another exact same person in that universe. I would love to meet that person and we could talk a lot and exchange ideas about our specific places. That would be a nice thing to happen.

  2. i believe there is another "earth" somewhere... where there is life as we know here on earth...breathing, moving, growing, eating, laughing, and with brains.

  3. yeah, i think life forms exist on other planets. it would be neat to be able to go to another planet, see how they live, learn from one another

  4. i wish aliens would come to our planet soon and teach us a better way of living. the way that money controls our world is just sick! the poor get's poorer and the number of poor people increase everyday. obviously our way of living is not right. we need something or someone to lead us to a better life.

  5. The fact that there are other planets means that life exists not just hear on Earth. It's just a matter of perspective. A rock is a living organism, but only "lifeless", if you get my drift. A grain of sand is another life form, they're just far from the structure of human beings.