Saturday, December 27, 2008

If a live action movie of LaMB was to be produced, who would you like to see play the starring roles of Eve and Jack and why?

Jack is a scientist who specializes in hortcourture engineering, which is a combination of the fields horticulture and haute couture. I don’t even know what that means but it must be advanced botany or something. Jack's main role is to rejuvenate and restore vegetation to the dusty, red planet Cerra. And yes, we almost forgot that there is a twist to this character. Jack's wife died, making him an eligible bachelor.

So this guy must be Einstein-intelligent, super rich because of his V.I.P. class job, and maybe he’s the loner type because of his tragedy. And Jack's role is to save the planet Cerra. What comes into my mind is none other than Keanu Reeves; for the reason that he did such a great job starring in “The Matrix".

Let’s compare:
Jack is a scientist. Neo is a computer programmer. For some guys out there that don’t know what a computer programmer does, they are the people who created your web browsers, your mobile phone interface, your personal computer interface, and a whole lot more. To cut it short, everything you use in electronic devices, computer programmers made them.

Jack has class and style. Neo is one of the coolest characters I’ve seen. Those guys from “The Matrix” redefined the use of shades and black leather/rubber trench coats.

Jack's main role is to save Cerra.
Neo did a kick ass job saving our planet.

Moving on, Major Sara Integra
worked in the Bio-Weapons division, meaning she is very intelligent and has something in common with our dear old friend Neo, err, I mean Jack. Sara became Eve after a fatal mistake in one of her missions. When she became a LaMB, Jack was assigned to be her shepherd. And the twist for this character is that Jack falls in love with Eve.

Eve must be a tough woman since she worked for the military. She also displays adequate intellect because of her position. No idiot would get the chance to even touch biological weapons, right? She must also have a body of a super model and a face that can make heads turn. Fact is, Jack fell for his LaMB and Eve's personality is definitely not the reason for this; unless Jack has a secret admiration for mannequins, which would make his character veeerry freaky. For the character of Eve, I would choose Halle Berry. Based on her average blockbuster films, she is like a 99% Eve; both in looks and in character.

Let’s compare:
For the sake of association, let’s take her role in “Catwoman

Sara works for the military. In the trailer of “Catwoman”, Patience Philips was climbing on walls, leaping from pillar to pillar, dodging bullets and kicking behinds, need I say more?

Sara worked in the Bio-Weapons division. Catwoman, she’s like a super hero.
Both roles require critical thinking.

Eve is super sexy and has stunning beauty.

Catwoman, like duh! This character is screaming sexy!

LaMB starred by Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry. Now that would be the day the earth stood still.



  1. your selection of keanu reeves and halle berry is superbly perfect. they are both superbly great actors and i believe the movie would be a superbly blockbuster. you can see the near resemblance of the pictures of keanu and halle compared to that of jack and eve. nice work

  2. i think id like to see george clooney and angelina jolie as jack and eve

  3. i think eve was created in the inspiration of halle berry. just look at their pose, their face, their body. omg! eve's a clone of halle. but for jack, it's a little off. i think tom welling from smallville would capture more of jack. although keanu does have a lot of movies that suits the role of jack.

  4. ding dong dantes and angelica panganiban hehehe

  5. ME and Angel Locsin!!!!

    Yes that's the BEST for lamb!!!!!

  6. for me,,,i thnk mila jevovich can b bzt Eve n lamb and keanu reeves wud b Jack!!!

  7. for me,,,i thnk mila jevovich can b bzt Eve n lamb and keanu reeves wud b Jack!!!