Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you were given access to a LaMB, what tasks would you have it perform for you? You will need to refer the LaMB Rules on

Since there are LaMB Rules maybe there should be Shepherd rules. Unless they expect that everyone they assign a LaMB to will be very responsible with them. If that’s the case then I guess there would be no problem. But what if someone as mischievous as me would get hold of a LaMB? Muwhahaha! Let’s have a little fun with our LaMBs.

First things first, is it an Adam or an Eve? Any would be fine as both of them have their subjective pros and cons. But for the sake of choosing, having someone of the opposite sex is a better choice for a guy like me. I guess I would be more comfortable having an Eve beside me all the time. On the other hand if I’m going to have an Adam, people may question my sexuality and that’s definitely a no-no.

Paolo’s LaMB Tasks:

1. I want her to be an excellent cook. There’s nothing more satisfying than having a scrumptious meal.

2. I always wanted to play badminton until I will pass out of exhaustion. You can say that I have bottomless stamina and most of my friends need to stop and rest way before I feel the heat of the game. Now with my LaMB, I can play to my hearts content anytime I want.

3. After a tiring day, I want my LaMB to prepare a cocktail drink for me and while savoring it’s taste, she will continue her service by giving me a nice whole body massage.

4. When taking a bath, we all know that it’s hard to reach our back. With my LaMB I can have a personal back scrubber. And after which, she can prepare the clothes that I’m going to wear depending on what time of the day it is.

5. When I go to bed, I want my LaMB to give me a head massage. This will help me fall asleep. She will also be by my side to be ready to wake me up in the morning.

6. Who doesn’t want to be with someone beautiful and sexy? That's why I’m not going to be all selfish with my LaMB. She must always look her best. I’m going to buy her clothes and jewelries. She will also undergo cosmetic surgeries if needed.

With a LaMB, it’s like I’m on a very long relaxing vacation that I wish will never end. Well, I have tons of other ideas but for now these are the most amusing stuff I can think of.



  1. a massage on my back and shoulders daily would be nice.
    do some of the paper work at the office.

  2. i'd have 2 lambs. one will go to work and bring me home the paycheck. the other will be at home to do all the chores. whats left for me to do? relax all day long, nice!

  3. now that's the life! nothing to do but to relax and enjoy!!!! =)

    but we would end up just like in that animated movie...i forgot the title...something to do with 2 robots, a plant and a spaceship full of fat people. yeah we would end up like those fat people if we would do nothing but relax.

  4. It's Wall-e. and they used the same name...EVE. ^,..,^

    pika pi!!!!!

  5. Yea! Having a LaMB? That Would be Niiicee!!!!
    U know Wat Am Thinking Isn't ?
    Is there a LaMB store I will buy a LaMB
    That Just Like Keiko..hehehe
    I think she cooler......
    Hah! ignore my post