Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lamination was first invented to preserve beauty until it evolved into a form of imprisonment. Would you commit a crime to stay young and beautiful?

Committing a crime as we all know has an equivalent punishment depending on our law. Some may spend time doing community service, others get locked up in jail. But it’s a common fact that there’s a lot more going on inside there. Just thinking of spending a day in prison brings shivers down my spine.

There are a lot of movies that shows the lives of prisoners. A few months ago there was this comedy movie called “Big Stan” which was directed and starred by Rob Schneider. Schneider stated that this film will be an "anti-man raping" film.

There’s also this popular series, “Prison Break” which is starred by Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell). We can see here the very harsh prison ethics especially on season 1 and season 3.

Cerra is making prison life a sweet deal. Issues like prison rape and other violations of human rights will no longer serve as a threat to criminals. Maybe the people in Cerra are much disciplined and committing a crime is close to an accident rather than a carried out plan of a sick mind. It’s stated that the culture on Cerra is different from earth and maybe we need to watch LaMB to see how things really work there.

There are a lot of ways to become a criminal without committing a sin. Just read the laws, find the loopholes, and break the rule which you think the act of violating it is still moral. Just like in Singapore, importing chewing gum is prohibited by their law. But I really don’t think that bringing chewing gum to Singapore is any kind of sin, right? If I were in Cerra, I would stop paying my taxes or do anything within that level of crime just to get lamination; anyway, I could just pay them back when the time comes. Since it was stated on a LaMB commercial that lamination as a beauty treatment costs too much, I would like to wait for the price to drop until I can afford lamination myself. Maybe as time goes by, it's price will go down because of competitions or probably a lot of people would demand for the price to drop. In the mean time, I would preserve my youth by committing a non-sinful crime and prepare myself for a fresh start in the future.



  1. while it is nice to be young and beautiful... growing old gracefully is wonderful too. you would not want to stay young forever... you have to grow old to experience being old.

  2. i don't think i would commit a crime just to stay young and beautiful.. wouldn't be worth it. beauty is relative

  3. Beauty is 95% youth according to a former beauty queen. Sad but true. Anyway, even old people have their own inner beauty and wisdom. Both are beautiful

  4. i see your point. a rapist does it with the girl of his dreams, gets laminated, after his sentence, he rapes again. i think it would be better if a lamb who exceeds 100 years of lamination should get executed after his sentence.

    because of lamination, the question should be:
    why NOT commit a crime and GET laminated?

  5. This is a very situational question. Those who are "virgins of life" would say NO but those who had seen the harsh reality would say YES! I've seen a lot of people that are dying of starvation and they are looking for a way out. Lamination is their ticket to a better way of living.

  6. You would commit some form of crime in order to be laminated?
    You do realize, that LaMBs have no control over themselves and cannot even speak, eat or control their face?
    They are basically a mixture of slave and robot.
    Would you really want to live like that?