Saturday, December 13, 2008

Choose a side. Are you for or against lamination?

I’m definitely pro lamination and I really don’t understand why anyone would think negatively about it. There are countless opportunities that come from lamination that can give hope to a brighter future. Lamination IS the future and it’s the best damn thing mankind has ever invented!

Okay! Okay, maybe I’m going a little over board. I must apologize for my behavior. And to make up for it, let’s try to prove that I’m wrong.

Pros: Longer life

Cons: Mortality rate will drop significantly, meaning we will get over populated soon

Pros: We can maximize our work force

Cons: A lot of people will loose their jobs

Pros: People who had lamination will get the opportunity to do things they could never have done without it

Cons: They will be the envy of their neighbors and maybe death will be waiting around the corner, just before they can even do anything worth being laminated

Pros: A married couple who had lamination will spend almost an eternity with each other

Cons: Gold Digger *cry*

Pros: Gold Digger realizes that there is no point pursuing the rich and the old and decides to go to college, start a career and live life the honest way

Cons: Dirty Old Man *cry*

Pros: Lamination as a beauty treatment states that whoever gets laminated will stay young and beautiful forever. So, you spend your entire life savings for this.

Cons: You realized that lamination does make you stay young, but doesn’t do much on the beautiful part.

My friends, it’s a close fight between the two sides. And even if I wanted to continue talking about it, we need to wrap this up. After discussing the effects of lamination, I had a change of mind. Lamination is not all great and perfect; there are down sides that we need to consider. I’m still pro lamination but now it’s not all the way. Let’s just say that I’m afraid of becoming the old man in our example.


  1. lamination seems like a good way to keep the crime rate low. who would like to be laminated and become a slave for years and years, even more than he should have lived if not laminated

  2. No way to lamination. I love the way things are. We are here on this earth for only a short period of time. Make the most of it. Think of how awful the world would be if everyone was beautiful and young! Very boring!!!

  3. lol! that old man really looks low. anyway our life here no matter how long it is will definitely not be long enough. just learn to savor the moment cuz we will never know whats going to happen tomorrow.

  4. lamnation is lke having ur own pokemon...i guess. both of u cn hve fun, jst treat ur lamb right.

    pika pi!!!!!

  5. Oi,this is somehow an interesting and funny entry, but not meaningless, I think.^^ Anw, thks for your cm, it's good to hear so, and yes, when I come to think of it, a duet is better ^^But I feel great that you like it! (Marvellous blog, btw)

  6. CABC tried adopt lamination to their criminals but in the end this would make things more complicated. These quotes helped me decide what side I'm on.

    "Every action has an equal reaction" by Isaac Newton

    "Treat each day like it has it's own purpose"
    by Date Doctor (Hitch)

    The 1st quote proves the PROS and CONS. Everything must be carefully planned out or else suffer the consequences. The 2nd quote proves that we don't need to live 1,000,000 years to appreciate our lives.