Monday, December 1, 2008

LaMB, the first original anime from Animax. What's it all about?

The story takes place on the planet Cerra which is 25 light years away from Earth. The main characters are Jack and Eve. Jack is a scientist who is tasked to restore life to the barren planet. He tries to forget about his wife who passed away by keeping himself busy on his work. Eve on the other hand is an ex-weapons specialist who has accidentally taken innocent lives while on a mission. She was sentenced to 200 years of virtual imprisonment and will take part of the lamination scheme.

All prisoners on Cerra go through the process of lamination in which after the procedure, they will be called "LaMBs". Once they become a LaMB they will be assigned to a "shepherd" who can almost have full control over them. LaMBs follow 16 rules and one of those rules strictly prohibits them from harming others. If the worse case happens and they attack another human being, they will receive a severe electric shock by the suit they were given. The most interesting part of lamination is that it was first designed to be a beauty treatment to prevent aging by stopping the degeneration of collagen. The government of Cerra called "Central Administration Bureau of Cerra" (CABC), found a better use for the beauty treatment and decided to exploit them on prisoners. All male prisoners were called Adam and all female prisoners were called Eve, followed by their serial number.

LaMB starts to get interesting when unintentionally Jack gets pulled into the political system of lamination and a Romance with Eve begins.



  1. lamb? thats the one they keep on showing on animax. the story seems interesting. cant wait to watch it

  2. The story of lamb reminds me of an adventure movie done maybe 30 years ago called Logan's Run. In the movie, people have an age limit, where I believe at that time it was 28 or 30 years of age. Once a person reaches that age, then he is converted to a sort of machine or something. This is similar I think to lamb. They prefer younger people or generation seen by the young. I would love to watch this anime, film or series. It will surely remind me of Logan's Run when it was a big hit then. I'm sure this will be more interesting.

  3. Hmm logan's run and lamb. Both of them have a nice plot. Maybe I could do some research about it. I like these scifi movies. But the story is a too weird for me. Ah reminds me of "Twilight Zone". It's also a classic show that revolves around weird stuff. This is cool! So when can we watch this?

  4. I'm not sure when will lamb come out but the contest will end on January 31. Maybe we can expect it on February. I will try to do more research and update it here as soon as possible.

  5. Hey guys. I'm not yet sure if its safe to say that LaMB will be aired on March 2009, but an official image was released giving us that date.

    Here it is:
    LaMB Coming Soon

  6. nice page! nice thoughts as well. God Bless! ^_^

  7. I think the link is broken. I looked at it before and it's a picture for a certain contest. But I think the contest is over and so the picture is gone. Here's a new link about when LaMB will come out.


    The 4th paragraph says it. And also this part "About Animax Asia’s LaMB".

  8. i didn't get this at first. like watz up with the chick with red eyes? then I followed the "16 rules" link and read that there is rule that if a lamb attacks another human being then they will get electrocuted and their eyes will turn red!!! lol

    blog sites like these should be posted up on animax or something cuz everything you need to know about lamb is here. great job man. although it's taking lamb soooooo looOOOooOoong to be released, i want to watch it now!!!!!

  9. What sound does a lamb make?
    a. baaah
    b. meeeh
    c. waaaahhh!!!

    Lamb sound interesting. When I heard the title I thought of "Marry". =)

    Let's see next month if lamb will live up to my expectations, and I'm really picky!

  10. That's an interesting concept, but the lamination system is not entirely original. I happened to have read a bdsm fetish story that has that "lamination" angel as it's main focus. Only they didn't call them Lambs. They were called "Banes".

    If anyone's curious, here's a link.


  11. does any one know where it can be downloaded

  12. i thnk Mila Jevovich wud b bzt artist to play Eves role and i agred wen dey sid dat wud b bzt Jack!!!glng kz!!!

  13. Keanu Reeves wud b bzt to portrait Jacks role!!!and Mila Jevovich wud b Eve!!!glng db!!!