Friday, December 5, 2008

If you worked for the CABC, what policies would you implement to help preserve the environment?

Lamination is a good idea to reinforce man power efficiency. Instead of prisoners wasting all those years on nothing, CABC thought of a way to make jail life a win-win situation. In addition to using lamination on criminals, I would suggest that they should also utilize it on other people that may prove to be more of use when transformed to a LaMB. CABC already crossed the line of manipulating the lives of their prisoners so why not push it a little more? Besides, all the people on Cerra would benefit form it.

The lives of both shepherds and LaMBs can both be uplifted when the number of LaMBs increase dramatically. Maybe LaMBs can do the work of their shepherds. Just imagine, instead of the regular 8 hours a day, a LaMB could probably do 12 hours of work a day. Make that shepherd have another LaMB and that would double the number to 24 hours of work a day. Wow! Imagine what kind of progress man could achieve with this kind of life style. The more LaMBs out there, the better.

The planet Cerra itself can benefit from it. This is because the consumption of natural resources will decrease since LaMBs don’t use them. LaMBs also don’t spend their lives like regular people do. That’s why they can live without watching movies, playing games, reading or writing, singing or dancing, or just anything that can consume energy. LaMBs only breathe and follow orders of their shepherd, and that’s the reason why lamination is also a great way to preserve the environment.

So where can they get other LaMB candidates?

• Maybe those homeless people would agree that becoming a LaMB is far greater than spending the rest of their lives begging for food and sleeping under cardboards that obviously can’t give them protection against the cold lonely nights.

• Maybe CABC will develop the process of lamination so that the mentally retarded people can also be laminated.

• There are a lot of people who lost hope in their lives so maybe volunteering to become a LaMB will be an option.

• We can also consider people that are willing to do everything to make a better place for their loved ones.

There are countless possibilities where they could acquire new LaMBs. If I worked for CABC, there’s no doubt that getting more LaMBs would be my first proposal to them.



  1. laMBs are like robots. since they are prisoners, they have no choice so they become slaves. people can volunteer to become laMBs. they can make their lives useful.but like ia said: they become robots.

  2. lambs can be used to do dirty work like cleaning up the streets

  3. How about prisoners as lambs? Since they have so much experience both bad and good, they can utilize these prisoners to do all the dirty work like providing enough water for the whole community. Digging deep wells, cleaning streets, planting trees, environment projects, etc.

  4. an army of lambs. check out that guy carrying a log or something. even with my muscles i would have a hard time carrying that thing. but geez, he doesn't even break a sweat! i agree with what you guys said here, lambs should do the dirty work.

  5. What a shame. LaMB does not deserve the so-called win-win situation. They committed crime, they have to pay. Conventional prison and penal code system should be enough to punish them. I think we don't need this kind of 'innovation' (Lamination) for them.